Terms and Conditions

Charter & Self-Drive / Dry Hire

Terms & Conditions

Quotations for Services

A quote is valid for 30 Days from day of issue. A non-refundable deposit is required to make a quote a secure booking. If a quotation is not accepted within 30 Days, Southern Bus Charters reserve the right to adjust the quote in line with changing costs.

A quote is not a guarantee of availability until a deposit has been made.

Deposit and Payment Methods

Payment can be made by:


  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card
  • Cash (direct at our Office, not in the Mail)

A 10% Deposit is required within 30 Days to confirm your Booking. This deposit is non-refundable.

Payment in full is required 48hrs prior to the departure date of your Charter or prior to your Self-Drive Hire.

Please Note: Account Holders and Purchase Order customers maintain negotiated payment arrangements.

If paying EFTPOS or Credit Card either at our Office Terminal or through one of our online payment gateways, please be advised that a surcharge will be applied to the transaction.

Adjustments & Cancellations

All changes to your Self-Drive Hire or Charter Service are subject to the availability of both vehicle and driver and could incur a further cost (for example, if you wish to extend your hire by 1 day — we can do this only if the vehicle has not already been hired for use the following day).

Costs that may be incurred include:

  • Application of Insurance Excess Reduction (Optional)
  • Amendments to Charter or Self-Drive / Dry hire requirements (including but not limited to additional kilometres / stops, length of hire, change of vehicle size)
  • Adjustments required to adhere to Fatigue Management Requirements
  • Costs to supply Security Services

We reserve the right to edit an existing invoice or issue a new invoice upon return of a Charter or Self-Drive Hire vehicle for:

  • Adjustments to Charter Service or Self-Drive Dry hire requirements (including but not limited to additional kilometres / stops, length of hire, change of vehicle size) that took place during the hire period after the initial invoice had already been issued / paid. Additional charges may be invoiced upon the return of the bus to the Depot. Pickup and Delivery of a Vehicle on your behalf
  • Fuel Costs (where a vehicle is not fuelled upon return) (See Fuel)
  • Additional Kms (See Kilometres)
  • Insurance Excess (where a vehicle is deemed to be damaged by client) Any costs incurred for replacing or repairing any accessories, equipment or specialised equipment supplied by us, including but not limited to, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Hammers, Tools & Maintenance Items and Lost Keys.
  • Cleaning Fee $260

Cancellation of Charter Services or Self-Dry Hire services less than 48 hrs prior to departure incurs full payment.

Daily Self-Drive Hire Rates

Self-Drive / Dry Hire daily hire rates are for a 24 hr period or part thereof.

Unpaid Accounts

We reserve the right to refer accounts that remain unpaid over 30 Days past the Due Date to a Debt Collection Service. You, as the client, will be liable for any and all Debt Collection costs.

We encourage you to contact us in the event you are experiencing financial difficulty to create a mutually agreed written payment agreement.

Drivers and Licensing Requirements

  • All drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age
  • A minimum of an LR licence is required to hire any Self-Drive Hire buses. (Please Note: depending on the bus, a MR or HR Licence may be required).
  • All drivers must be suitably licenced for the hired vehicle and able to present a valid photo identification / driver licence which will be held on file for the period of the hire. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on our Data Collection processes

Each depot will be able to advise which vehicles are able to be hired based on your current driver’s licence (for Self-Drive Hire) or alternatively quote on the cost of providing the service of one of our drivers (Charter Services).


All Self-Drive Hire vehicles are hired out with a full tank of fuel. If a vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, then a charge of $60 for refuelling plus the cost of the fuel will apply.

Pickup and Dropoff

A $60 charge will apply per instance for vehicle pick up or drop off on your behalf (for Self-Drive Hire). (e.g. total cost of $120 if both pickup and delivery were requested)


Self-Drive / Dry Hire:

  • 200km are included per day of Hire
  • Additional costs are applied depending upon size of vehicle hired.
Mini: 28c per km
Small: 33c per km
Medium: 45c per km

Fatigue Management Requirements

Southern Bus Charters adheres to Fatigue Management Guidelines for Commercial Vehicle Drivers as determined by the West Australian Department of Transport. Where driving requirements exceed recommendations by these Guidelines, times may be adjusted, or meals & accommodation included in our costs for the Charter driver.

Travel Insurance

Southern Bus Charters requires passengers to be aware of the importance of travel insurance when traveling. We strongly advise to take out travel and cancellation insurance to cover against cancellation costs, lost or damaged luggage or costs incurred from injury or illness.


Seatbelts must be worn in all buses that have them fitted. All passengers must always be seated when the vehicle is moving. Child restraint points are fitted on selected buses; however, we do not supply or fit child seats. If you require a bus that has child restraint points — you will need to request this at the time of booking. (Refer to Road Traffic Code 2000 — Part 16)

Special Needs

Please advise Southern Bus Charters of any special needs at the time of booking.

Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs

Smoking is not allowed on any of our buses at any time.

Food or Drinks are not to be consumed in any of our vehicles at any time without prior approval.

Alcohol is not to be consumed on the bus. For the safety and comfort of all passengers, drunk, obnoxious and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to refuse entry to the bus. Western Australian Liquor Licensing Laws under the Liquor Control Act 1988 1 19 (4)(a) state that no alcohol can be consumed on the bus.


Southern Bus Charters strictly refuse the transportation of any live stock or domestic animals on board and/or stowed in our luggage compartment. Transportation in this instance is classified as a breach of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines and the RSPCA Policy for the Transportation of Animals. Service animals such as seeing eye dogs are permitted to travel on board with passengers who have certified approval.

Persons requiring assisted travel with a Companion Dog are permitted to travel with the appropriate certification on Southern Bus Charters services. Companion dogs will require a valid identification card issued by a training organisation prescribed under the Dog Regulations 2013. Companion Dogs must have a suitably marked identifying dog coat or harness. More information about Companion Dogs can be found by contacting Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, VisAbility or Assistance Dogs Australia.

Please advise of any special requirements when booking the bus.

Service Cancellations

Southern Bus Charters services may be cancelled at any time due to unforeseen operational circumstances and/or because of natural disasters, e.g. cyclones, flooding, operational requirements, etc. Southern Bus Charters cannot be responsible for any costs incurred by passengers because of cancelled services.


No liability can be taken by Southern Bus Charters, the Owner/Operators or any of its affiliates 3rd Party agents, Suppliers or Contractors) in case of, but not limited to, damage to personal belongings, personal loss, theft, injury or sickness whilst participating in designated activities. Valuables should be kept with the passenger at all times. Southern Bus Charters reserves the right to alter the route, itinerary or to cancel the operation if road, weather or other conditions dictate. Any personal expenses incurred by a passenger because of any curtailment, delay or alteration of any hire service, whether caused by flooding, fire, road closure, mechanical defect or any other causes, are the responsibility of the passenger. In the event of break down or other unforeseen circumstances, the operator reserves the right to substitute vehicles other than specified to ensure the continued operation of the hire service.

Force Majeure

Neither party will be liable for failing to perform its obligations under this agreement as long as the failure is triggered by something beyond its reasonable control. This clause does not excuse payment or money due.


Your personal information will be used only to track your payment. It will not be sold to any other party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on our Data Collection processes.

Feedback for Continuous Improvement

We would appreciate any feedback about your hire experience.

Please get in contact via our Contact Form:

Complaints and Complaints Handling

In the unlikely event that you have experienced any problems, at your earliest convenience you should report the matter to a representative of Southern Bus Charters. Complaints following your hire services must be submitted in writing to Southern Bus Charters no later than 30 days after your return.

Please get in contact via our Contact Form

The complaint will be handled accordingly to our Complaints Handling Policy.